So Much On My Mind Except When I’m Awake

Kamisuki (Combing the hair), A colour woodbloc...

Kamisuki (Combing the hair), A colour woodblock print, Japan, Taish? era, 1920 Goy? (1880-1921) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yeah I’ve been gone quite awhile for a lot of different reasons, the main reason I’ve been very busy. I’m in training to take over a non profit, Children’s Rights Council of NW Ohio, as their Executive Director. Running a non-profit is extremely complicated I’m so glad I started learning very early and still wish I had a mentor other than the lady running it. Because this job will not pay very well, I am not doing it for the money, I have to continue all the jobs I do now, so more busy.

Now about the love life….non existent. I was involved with someone and was really happy when it was good but when it was bad it was really bad. He was controlling and basically wanted me to think the same way he did about everything. The last straw was a discussion, seriously this is true, about what happened in Ferguson. I said something like shooting someone, what was it 9 times is excessive. He blew up at me, there was yelling, name calling etc.. I’m to always think that the police are always right and it’s kill or be killed at all times. It was not pretty and went on for several days until I finally just quit I couldn’t take it anymore. Inside I knew it wasn’t going to work but the good times were so good and so natural. I’m quitting even trying to date for awhile, honestly I don’t have the time or energy for it. I’m sad because I liked spending time with someone but now I don’t even have that time.

I have my sister to think about and along with┬ámy kids is high priority. Anything she wants I will get it for her some how. My kids are a whole different issue and I won’t talk about here because they could happen upon it. They’re good really.

Decided to get my hair chopped off for a couple of reasons one it’s so damaged and two I didn’t have anyone in my life to say “I love long hair” which is a common thing with men. It just annoys the heck out of me when a woman says no I can’t cut my hair my husband would never speak to me again. I was guilty of the same thing thinking I had to not do this because my dude because my dude would hate it. Please, I don’t think a man would think twice about shaving their head, growing facial hair etc… Sorry I’m a little irritated with the male species.

Tired of being broke! I swear money suckage everywhere! When I take the non profit full time, it will help but they only pay once a month! I have too much stuff and no where to put it, another time and energy suckage. The great news I have lost over 20 lbs! So very happy about that .

Any who that’s what I’ve been up do. How are you?

So Much On My Mind Except When I’m Awake

How Do You Open a Door That’s Not Been Opened Before?

He wasn't too sure about this whole "E-Ha...

He wasn’t too sure about this whole “E-Hare-mony” thing. (Photo credit: floodllama)

Hello my 8 readers, I’ve missed you! All is well, I’ve been trying to deal with the fact that my baby is now 21. Jinkies it scares me for some reason, she’s a good girl and she was raised with good values. In God we trust.

Guess what I’ve met someone, on an online dating site no less! We’ve been out together a couple of times, the second was a four hour dinner. He is so very different than anyone I’ve met before. We have a lot of differences but a lot in common too. His differences don’t scare me they challenge me. He’s very nice, seriously doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body. On the bad side he’s very intense on how he feels about me in a very short amount of time. This scare me. I have never ever been able to open up and just enjoy completely any situation. Sure you say just do it, but I don’t know how. Seriously I don’t want to mess this up but I’m mean, I sabotage relationships. I find niceness to be suspect. Ugh. I’m going to try but if it’s not something I’ve ever done I don’t know quite how to do it. I would really like to let loose and just enjoy life, it’s time.

How Do You Open a Door That’s Not Been Opened Before?
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