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Sugar Free – Are You Sure?

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My eyes have been opened in a serious way. I’ve been all about reducing sugar in my diet for a long time. I had gestational diabetes years ago and that started me on the road. I hit a couple of road blocks along the way, one of which was Nutra Sweet which I would used regularly but noticed I was having a lot of heart palpitations. That is a side effect of Nutra Sweet. When Splenda came along it was a dream come true for many of us. There is also, now, the sweetener made from the stevia plant. I’m not a fan of stevia I find the after taste to much for me but many are fans.

I don’t drink pop, instead I will drink Crystal Lite or the Kroger version, it can get pretty expensive or I drink water. Pop, even diet pop can be a serious issue. Even if we take away the sugar, most have nutrasweet not splenda, ok for some. The other serious issue with pop is the huge amount of sodium. Sodium is something I feel in my body immediately, swelling in my hands and feet. I also have high blood pressure so another reason to avoid all sodium.

So last night thanks to a tweet I followed a link to a lecture on called Sugar: The Bitter Truth although there is a lot of scientific jargon, the point comes across really quickly. I would strongly suggest you watch this, it’s about an hour of and a half long but very worth it. I’m not going to rehash it here but it’s really all about High Fructose Corn Syrup and the poison it is for your body.

I watched it last night, went to bed thinking about it. This morning I got up to make my one cup of coffee of the day. I’m a wimp I like sweetener and cream in my coffee. I don’t use sugar, I use a great product called EZ Sweetz, a liquid form of Splenda, two drops is so sweet it’s unbelievable. I put the link¬† in the name, you can only buy it online, a bottle will last a long time. For my cream I found flavored French Vanilla SUGAR FREE Creamora powder. Out of curiosity I looked at the creamer ingredients, corn syrup solids, WHAT! Corn syrup solids is a form of corn syrup! Sugar!¬† This makes me very angry. I’m now on a mission to watch for this ingredient. It’s in everything!

Please watch the YouTube video and at least arm yourself with some knowledge then it’s your choice instead of it being made for you.

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Sugar Free – Are You Sure?
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