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A Decision Needs to Be Made..eventually.

I’m stuck. I began my web design company around 1997 and at the time I was cool. Hardly anyone was doing it and business was booming. I was self taught and I had great mentors.

Zoom ahead a decade or so and I find myself an unskilled dinosaur. Ok not a dinosaur(feeling old today). But the web has changed so much and I don’t have the time or inclination to keep up with it. I feel like my creativity is completely dried up. Sometimes I think I never was creative. We are our own worst enemies.

I’ve been able to work at home for many years and frankly I don’t think I could go back to working outside the home but I also know I could do a whole lot better. Working at home is NOT easy, don’t believe anyone who tells you it is. Distractions are many real and imagined.

So I’m thinking about doing something different or maybe several somethings different. I have lots of skills, and am actively involved with Social Media and I may be able to take that some where. I also have a certain skill with looking at websites and helping to improve them in search engine rankings and usability.  I have virtual assistant type skills too. Maybe I should market them all? I just don’t know. But when I do I’ll let you know.

A Decision Needs to Be Made..eventually.

World War Z

[amazonshowcase_b3874316f6d470224e7ecf62a4cbc285]Not my usual book to read, but it came highly recommended. The premise the telling of incidents during the invasion of Zombies, that plagued the world for many years. The teller is actually interviewing many different charecters all over the world and their part in the war. Gruesome in parts, boring in others, technical in a military fashion in parts. This is a long book and sometimes I just wanted to stop reading but I continued to the end.

I guess for the most part I liked it, a wee bit too long and some parts just dragged for me. You don’t ever get to know the characters because there are probably 100’s and the last approximately 2-3 pages.

Try it but don’t have high expectations of it grabbing you and holding you to the end.


World War Z
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