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Ten of My Guilty Pleasures Online

  1. – I don’t play games often but when I do I go here most often, love Bejeweled2
  2. I stayed away as long as I could, the concept sounded so stupid, but, what I discovered is a community of people who do the same things I do. I don’t usually for personal so much as business. I follow people who are experts in the fields I’m in or want to be in or skills I would like to improve.
  3. My Google Homepage – Google lets you set up a personalized home page,, and you can add feeds and gadgets. I’m now totally hooked on playing interactive Scrabble with my friends and family.
  4. if you haven’t checked out Freecycle you have no idea what you are missing. Basically it’s an online group in your community(worldwide groups) where you can ask for items and offer items, the only catch…it has to be free. I’ve been the owner of a Freecycle group since 2004 and absolutely love the concept and the generosity in people.
  5. Sometimes this is just the only way I get to visit with people, and now I create pages for my clients.
  6. Blogs all kinds of blogs! I read blogs about business, blogs about books, blogs that are personal and so many more. Comment this blog with your blog address, I’m always looking for more.
  7. Hootsuite – okay technically Hootsuite is a tool to follow Twitter on, I love it, I get stats, I can follow different subjects, client mentions etc…
  8. Ebay – This is the first place I go when I want something. I’m real bad though,I’m one of those people that swoops in at the last moment to win.
  9. Shelfari – I’m a book fanatic. I love to read book reviews and then hit my local library website and request right away. Shelfari lets me post books I’ve read and read reviews by others.
  10. This one, I really never thought I would like blogging and I still have huge issues with coming up with topics but I’m trying. Hope you like.

Ten of My Guilty Pleasures Online

Book Review: I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone

[amazonshowcase_80cfe081a35352bf4759360d55211fa4] Every now and then someone will mention a book and just by the title I know I have to read it. I did just that with this book, I got the book on title alone, I had no idea what it was about. I’m so glad I got it and read it.

Honestly, I had a hard time in the beginning but it wasn’t the book. I have days and weeks when reading all of a sudden just can’t hold my interest. I tried again and all of a sudden wham I could not stop reading until I was done.

So what’s the title all about, the story is about a punk rock band from it’s start, it’s about a mother and child and their connection, a father and daughter,the music world and so much more. The characters are likable because of their flaws not in spite of them.

This one is worth the price you pay or the fine you might get if you don’t get it back to the library in time. Thanks Holly for mentioning it.

Book Review: I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone
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