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Social Media Should You Engage?

Social Media is a relatively new term out there, if you haven’t heard it, you need to be out there more. Social Media are things like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, and yes sometimes even MySpace and more.

It’s not for teens it’s a serious option to add business contacts to your contact list, customers, word of mouth on your new product and so much more.

Facebook is so popular now and many businesses are right there on it. They know how to engage people and get them involved without constantly pushing their product(s) in your face.

Twitter is really really misunderstood. If you haven’t tried it go create an account, do a search for something you like to do be it business or personal and watch and see the huge amount of information available to you. Businesses are seeing the benefit too. But the key thing is, 30% about you the rest should be informative, asking questions, creating buzz. The ones that fail are the ones who misuse what they have.

LinkedIn. Everyone who is a professional should have a LinkedIn profile, it puts you in touch with others in your field and beyond.

Blogs are huge! Blogs are something a business should seriously consider adding a blog to their website, especially if their site doesn’t change much. Every¬† time you post to the blog you are adding new content to your site. Content is king, content is what search engines are looking for – adding more to your visitor base.

Content can be about your products or service, customer service disasters, advise, so much more. Everyone can find something to blog about. Challenge me, ask what you can blog about in your business arena.

Read others peoples blog follow bloggers who might be related to what you do, comment on their blogs, talk about their blogs in your blogs.

Write like your talking to someone, not lecturing or trying to sell something. Got a blog, send me a link in the comments, I’ll check it out, maybe even review it.

Social Media Should You Engage?

Best Free Software

Actually it’s a software suite of programs. Open Office is the best replacement around for Microsoft Office. Not only is it free and uncomplicated, but there are extra you can download for it too.

Download and install, you’ll have an Excel type program, a Word type program, a PowerPoint clone, and so much more.

What are you waiting for head over to for the best deal in town!

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Best Free Software
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