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Possible Way to Fuel Your Blogging Creativity

typingI recently ran across this blog post at Mindshare Strategy. It’s I think a great idea. 30 days 30 blog posts. For some that might sound easy but for most of us I’m guessing coming up with 30 blog post ideas can be daunting. Not only do you have to do 30 days of blogging but it has to be 300 words or more!

I think I may try this. I want to see if I can some how come up with 30 different ideas, maybe I will and maybe I won’t but it’s a good start. The worst part of blogging is ideas. So if you also have a blog how about heading over to Mindshare Strategy and find out all the details. Share your blog link in the comments we’ll read each others.

Possible Way to Fuel Your Blogging Creativity
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How NOT to Name Your Company

MeThis is an important article and in this case I can honestly say I know of what I speak. Listen to one who knows. Many Many years ago when the internet was first making it’s debut I was so curious. I remember the first time a friend and I were allowed by our boss to play on the internet on our lunch hour. We’d never been before and it was a disaster. We couldn’t figure out what we were supposed to be doing, or how to move around or even what to look for.

Flash forward a couple years, I’m way interested in the internet to the point where I couldn’t stand to not do what some people were doing, making web pages. I was one of those that had their personal page on GeoCities, it was a template site and it had lots of blinking and moving pictures, I was cool. But then I found it so limiting. I couldn’t do things I was seeing on other sites, way beyond what my Geocities page could do. So I did a little research, whoa there is something called html and it was fascintating! Suddenly by clicking on the view source link I could see how they did it, it was a foreign language and I loved it. I had to learn it. I cannot stand to not be able to do something I want.

Off to the library I went, HTML for Dummies was the first of many sources, I read it all I tried it all, suddenly the company I was working for was asking me to make changes to their webpage, on their time I could play!!

Then life interrupted several members of the family were stricken with cancer and that came first. When it all finally calmed down, I reacted to big life changes by wanting to make on of my own. I wanted to quit my job and start designing websites for a living. I’d had a couple of clients by then and loved doing it. My husband was all for it, so I took the plunge. I made an appointment with a lawyer to see what I needed to be in business officially.

Well one of the first questions, what’s the name of your company. Here in is your best advice, don’t go cute. I was starting a business but never really beleived it would go anywhere so I picked a cutesy name I’d been using as logins around the web. Irishis Website Design. If you look at it and think it’s Irish Is, you’re not correct. If you got it right, Irish Eyes, thank you not many do. When you constantly have to pronounce your company name and domain well it looses something. In my defense it’s was the md 90’s and I was really new at this. So for many many years I’ve been and now most of the time when someone asks me what’s the url? I say Irish Is just because it’s easier.

If I could do it all over I would have chosen something a little more business like, so when you’re ready for a domain name think about how long you might actually be using it.

How NOT to Name Your Company
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