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Some Reasons Why Realtors Should Be On Twitter

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I work a lot with Realtors. They are hard working people who often deal with the worst possible situations. Their time is not their own, they often have to spend money they will never see a return on, there are some that give others a bad name and many more reasons. I am not a Realtor.

Social media for Realtors should be a top priority. Convincing most people to use social media is hard enough, Facebook is finally be seen as an acceptable platform but Twitter is still thought of in a not so great light. I have to say, for myself, Twitter has opened up so many resources and exchanges of information with people doing the same thing I do I could not put a price on it.

For awhile now because I work with so many Realtors I decided to start following the key word “Realtor” on Twitter. What this means is that every instance related to that term comes up in a targeted stream. A lot of it is Realtors trying to drum up business, a lot of it is, as it is for me, an exchange of resources to help other Realtors. Below is a highlight of  period of time in a day, less than 24 hours, I picked out some relevant tweets to show why YOU as a Realtor should be watching what’s being said:

  • got to find a top notch realtor as mine is crap!
  • Laurie Sta***e on your realtor list? Cell: 612-XXX-1757 Email: — She’s currently helping us look in STP.
  • Anyone know a good realtor in Los Angeles?
  • Have you noticed that when you see a realtor on tv they are happy to hear home prices are going up? Should we be?
  • In the bathroom when a realtor entered the apartment.I came out&the realtor looks&asks if I knew she was coming…I didn’t.
  • my realtor is an absolute idiot. seriously. she might need a drool guard.
  • looking for an Ann Arbor Realtor. Any suggestions? (to sell)
  • Hm. Showed a $650k home 2day. No feature sheets, just MLS print outs with no photos. Wow. Another #lazy #realtor
  • Attention Dick St***en Realtor, your office is full of inept employees, f**k you for making me wait this long for my goddamn deposit.

I have to think that these people have friends, business associates etc.. following them on Twitter. I also have to think one is going to say “wow, who is that Realtor your using, remind me to never to call that Realtor” Depending on the situation.Those examples above are really just a small example, really. By the way I edited out pertinent information, they didn’t!

Realtors should be watching for their own name to appear too. This method of following a field on Twitter could be applied to any business or occupation. You can hire companies, such as mine (hey had to do it shameless plug) to set up a whole social media marketing plan, including monitoring your presence on the internet. Please don’t wait. Word of mouth is a great thing but it can also be a quick way to ruin a career.

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Some Reasons Why Realtors Should Be On Twitter

Focus-I Can’t See Clearly

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I have a serious issue with focusing on the tasks at hand. I didn’t always have this problem it seems to have developed when I hit a certain age. Doesn’t matter when it started more importantly is how do I get it back? I can sit down to work or play and within 2 minutes I’m off to do something else totally abandoning the previous.

I’ve been unable to do things I really like, like reading, and crocheting let alone the important things the ones that make me money! My solution I’m going on a diet, a focus diet. With a food diet you limit what you eat and how often. With my all new focus diet I’m limiting myself to one thing at a time. Often times when I’m doing something fun I start to feel that pull (guilt) to get some work done and vice versa.

I love to work at home but maybe I need to be a bit more structured in process. I like working in my p.j.’s but often times I find I forget to take a shower until lunch time and beyond! I’m not doing the 9-5 rigid schedule but maybe a little planning could go a long way. There are also those time suckers. Social media is my business but it’s also a big time user. I’ve learned so much just using Twitter I can’t and shouldn’t stop but maybe limiting the amount of time would be better. I can read all about how to do things and best practices but actually doing them might be best.

So tomorrow, or maybe today I’ll start my diet. Taking snippets of time and doing only one thing until the time is done. While writing this short post, I’ve stopped twice once to cut coupons and once to check email. See I need help!

What do you do to focus on the task at hand and not be distracted?

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Focus-I Can’t See Clearly
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