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Misery Loves Company and That’s a Good Thing

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Ever notice when you read an article and it just speaks to you…like it was written for you. Yesterday I read an article on and it was like someone was watching my every move. It wasn’t profound in it’s findings or points but right on target with, I now imagine, many like me. That is what amazed me there where others like me there had to be, they would not right that article for just me.

A couple weeks ago, I got a terrible intestinal virus, nasty nasty that sidelined me like nothing else could. I thought I was going to be going to the hospital. After several days and lots of sleep I felt well enough to go in to the office. What happened made me so happy, there was another person there who had the same thing. I was so happy to know I wasn’t the only one, weird yes. But I think it’s true, misery loves company, no not because we want others to feel pain but to know we are not alone in our down times.

Several years ago my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer, a heady issue for him and I and what would be for our young children. It’s funny I ran to the Internet a lot for explanations of terms and phases of this horrible disease, but I did not want to speak with anyone about what I was going through. I knew there was no time for that it was not about me. After he passed away, I went looking for others who were like me, young with children and on my own with it all. I found tons of people willing to listen, willing to offer advice etc and I soaked it all up. To be with others who knew what it was like makes all the difference. I found I started to look for them, those I wanted to help, we want to share our misery and help to move on from it.

I think misery loves company, not to dwell and wallow in it but to share the pain or issue and by doing so we help others and ourselves move on from it and grow stronger.

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Misery Loves Company and That’s a Good Thing

My Super Secret Cyber Crush

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Oh man I’ve got it bad. I have a super cyber crush on a fellow blogger. He’s dreamy. No it’s not really a male/female type crush, he’s cute and all but I’ve got that area of my life covered. He’s just so darn appealing when I read him. He’s funny, self effacing, smart, and a smart ass-just like me. He make me laugh and he makes me feel good about myself.

I can’t tell you who he is or he’ll find out and think I’m some kind of cyber stalker fan..oh wait I kind of am but not really. The worst part I actually insulted him I think. Well I commented on something I feel strongly about that he and others do and I hope he doesn’t hold it against me – I’ll write about that at a later date and I won’t mention him at all.

Ok I can tell you he’s a life coach-those who know me would probably say”hire him you need it”-well first I would need another blogger to tell me how to earn enough to do that. The thing is he doesn’t spend his writing time telling his readers all of the things they do wrong and how bad they need to call him to work it out, I like that. I like that he doesn’t seem perfect he’s like one of us but knows stuff and he knows his stuff.

So I’ll carry on with my super secret cyber crush and laugh at his witty posts, I know you wish you could do that too don’t you but that would just put me in “The Discomfort Zone”.

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My Super Secret Cyber Crush
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