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I’m not sure if others are like me but sometimes when I have a spare hour or two I like to learn new things, try tutorials on things I need help on. I take tutorials on things that I do for my business, css, photoshop, seo, flash etc.. Years ago a friend recommended I try for this type of thing. is a pay for use site. Currently the monthly fee is 25.99 for the bare minimum courses, which are substantial and really well worth it. I was getting it for $19.99 when I signed up and they never raised it when prices increased. is a great site with excellent video tutorials. These tutorials are not just about website design type courses but also things like creativity, blogging, digital photography, print design, video and so much more. Videos are high quality and broken up in too shorter “chapter” so you don’t have to commit to watching a several hour long tutorial but instead can take them in parts, some are very substantial. The monthly service is the basic fee for the videos the only thing you won’t get is class files, such as if I took a graphics design class I wouldn’t get the class files like images to work along with on the tutorial, hardly a big deal.¬† Up until a couple weeks ago I had been a member for probably 2-3 years, I just recently cancelled my membership not because of anything they did or didn’t provide but because another option came up. saw a tweet talking about this site and decided to head over and check it out. Creative Edge is like but has something else I was looking for and didn’t even know it. Creative Edge offers books online too so I get two options for learning. I would have to say Creative Edge is definitely more technical related, towards, web design, photography, etc.. but not to say that exclusively what they offer. I’ve seen books such as Wii Fit for Dummies, iPod Itunes pocket guide, etc.

I decided to give up my membership and try out Their current monthly membership is $19.99. So far I’m enjoying it, the only draw back I’ve found so far is if you use a book for tutorial and the book in real life came with a cd you don’t get to see those items, which again if you’re doing a Photoshop tutorial you don’t get to work on the same thing as the tutorial. I’m still trying it out but the amount I will save on buying books should be worth it.

I would recommend both of these sites for excellent material and quality service.

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Hooked on Ghost Shows

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Ok I admit it I’m hooked on ghost shows. I love Ghost Hunters, and Ghost Hunters International, Destination Truth, and even Ghost Adventures (although the drama on this one makes me giggle more than quiver). That being said I have a question

  • when they are trying to communicate with the spirits, how come they always respond¬† (the spirits) speaking English? No matter what country they always seem to be able to talk the talk.
  • Another question, how come ghosts never come out during the day?
  • If Ghosts create cold spots when they are around how come they supposedly show heat signatures with I.R cameras?¬† (see I know the lingo)
  • Why whisper, those dudes are always whispering, except for the drama dudes who always seem to be yelling? Do you think whispering is real effective with supernatural beings?

Ok I’m done just something I’ve been pondering.

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Hooked on Ghost Shows
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