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I Think The Internet Killed My Creativity.

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I have really been beating myself up lately. I felt like a total fake. No creativity total hack. I design websites for a living, and for the last year or so I just haven’t been feeling it. I go to do something new and nothing comes to me, I’ve lost my mojo or so I thought. I never stopped to think perhaps I was just overwhelmed with everything around me. I’m online all the time, there is almost always a computer within a foot of me. I read tons of blogs, I follow Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Maybe just maybe it’s too much. It not real. I don’t have to think a thought for myself there is always a blog or a guru or an expert telling me how to do things right, what I’m doing wrong, how to think correctly, and I have to say not of one of those so called experts knows me.

So I kept beating myself up thinking there was something wrong with me. Then a funny think happened. I got a summons for jury duty. I’ve had jury duty so many times I know the drill. I also knew I was probably going to spend hours having to sit and either watch Little House on the Prairie with a bunch of strangers or find something to entertain me for hours that didn’t involve the internet.  So first I went to my local libraries online site and downloaded a bunch of audiobooks and put them on my Zune. Then I thought about a friend of mine whose daughter was having a baby in a few months, I used to be an avid crocheter. What the heck I can make a baby blanket. So out I went and bought a huge skein of baby yarn. I started crocheting just to have a good start. Suddenly I realized I was relaxed, thinking about nothing in particular and especially not feeling bad about myself. I didn’t end up having to go to jury duty but I did keep crocheting, and also picked up another hobby I used to do earring making. I have so many beads I pulled them out and got that old familar thrill of combining different beads and stone and making something uniquely me. That’s when it hit me I didn’t lose my creativity. You just can’t force it. Maybe instead of sitting down and trying to force it you do just the opposite. Leave the house(office), go to the zoo, read a book, work on a hobby.

The problem with and the best thing about the internet is the amount of information available 24/7. I think all that information is fantastic but I think it’s also so overwhelming. You can start to feel lost in it or among it. I’m going to start working on getting away from it, to schedule time where I’m not a foot from it, not checking it, reading it, learning from it.

Ok time to turn off and tune out, I’ve got a book to read and a cat to snuggle up with. Hey you, go take a break do something for you, let me know how it goes, what did you do, what do you do to mellow out?

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I Think The Internet Killed My Creativity.
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