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Being Vegetarian

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I became a vegetarian in February of this year. I’ve always wanted to “try” it but it wasn’t until I watched the dvd Food Inc. that the decision was made. This was a truthful dvd and I don’t think it was made to turn people to vegetarians but to show as a country what we’ve become or allowed to happen with the meat, and grain production in this country. There were however truthful areas of the film that were so disturbing to me I could no longer justify eating meat. Every time I think of cheating I remember those pictures in my head.

Several things stand out in my journey as a vegetarian. The first thing is it’s extremely hard to go out to social events where these is no option for us. Restaurants can be tiresome, many offer no choices other than taking the burger off the bun and giving you the bun and fixings. Many restaurants will not make changes to items such as removing the meat, which seems so silly to me. Going to visit friends for dinner makes you stand out like a sore thumb, they have to be told ahead of time. It’s really not a big deal if I eat salad for dinner but some feel they have to make a special dinner just for that “different” person. Not necessary.

The other thing that stands out to me is as a vegetarian you will hardly ever get support for what you are doing. The first question is “why did you do it?”, and the next statement is “I could never do that”.  Very rarely does anyone say “good for you” not that I care. It almost feels like we’re some how threatening to them. I really don’t care if someone eats meat or not, I’m not out to convert anyone. What I would like is more choices out there for those of use who choose this lifestyle. Salads are great but we’re not bunnies other choices would be fantastic!!

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Being Vegetarian

My Homework-3 Best Practices to Blog Effectively for Business.

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I’m hoping to improve some skills and am taking an online course with homework and everything! So here us my first assignment; Blog about 3 best practices to effectively for business. So here goes:

  1. I need to write about what my customers want or are looking for which might not be and perhaps shouldn’t necessarily be about my company or a service or product I offer. Everything I’ve read is to make your self an “expert” in your field. If people feel comfortable enough to ask for advice they feel comfortable to hire you.
  2. Plan out posts. This is a rough one for me. I don’t think ahead and plan posts or just keep a log on me of future potential post ideas. I need to do this to keep the blogs fresh, I have two. So I’m going to make a concentrated effort to plan ahead.
  3. Lastly, I’m also going to add blog rolls to my sites. Blogs that can provide more information or information that can piggy back on what I’m saying. I read perhaps 20 blogs a day and there is great information out there on almost any topic, I’m going to add those links to make the blog roll a resource for my readers to add more value to my own site.

Okay that’s it my homework is done and I need to go to bed. Hope the reading was good. Here’s a link to what I’m doing:

How to Blog Effectively for Business (GF101)

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My Homework-3 Best Practices to Blog Effectively for Business.
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