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I remember back when I was younger my mom would drag my sister and I to Goodwill to get clothes. I really never thought much of it until a school mate spotted me and then teased me horribly afterward. I didn’t think we were doing anything we should be ashamed of.

As I got older I never really got into garage sales but I would still go to Goodwill but always worried I would be spotted. When I had my first daughter we were pretty darn poor and I would go to a children’s resale store, amazing deals. My daughter was always dressed so well and I never felt ashamed showing off my purchases. Through the years a dear friend has supplied us with bags and bags of well cared for hand me downs, never bothered me in the least.

In 2004 I started a local chapter of a worldwide group called Toledo Freecycle. The perfect marriage of some thing you have finding a new purpose. I rarely used it for asking for free items but not because I was ashamed, I used it for decluttering and was so happy to share my used items.

So even now when I think about going to Goodwill or a resale shop I still feel that little feeling of dread, like what if someone sees me. I hate that. I really cannot see spending hundreds of dollars for clothes, and there are so many treasures to be found in resales, Ebay, Goodwill, Salvation Army. Not just clothes but home furnishings, toys etc..

So go on make the world a better place, reuse and recycle. The planet thanks you, I thank you.

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Use It!
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