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I breathe in Calm, I Exhale a Smile

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I read the title of this post in the book Being Peace which I’m currently reading on my Kindle. I’ve been using this phrase and doing it a lot this week. It’s only Wednesday but it’s been rough. My lovely sweet boy parakeet, who I’ve had for over 10 years I think died not so peacefully a couple nights ago. That same night my not so lovely sweet partner decided to call me stupid drunk. I hate stupid drunk. I’ve requested that I not be called when he’s in that condition, yay that he’s home and not driving but don’t call me, my reaction is not an will never be sweet. I have no patience for overindulging in alcohol, as you can imagine I was a horrible bartender.

The worst part of my sweet Frank’s passing was how hard my youngest daughter took it. That some how took her back to when her dad died, and she just let loose with grief all over again. Honestly I didn’t know how to handle it. I would never ever tell her it was wrong to be sad, but her reaction was to the extreme, not so much for the bird but just the not being in control thing. I can relate.

I’m having to drive on the expressway, which ranks right up there with dental appointments. I’ll have to deal with it there is no other way for the next few weeks. Construction…breathe in calm, exhale a smile.

So what do you do to relax. I’m really trying to get into meditation. It’s difficult because you want someone to show you how, but I really think it’s different for everyone. Try it. Breathe in calm, when you exhale smile, ahhhhhhh.

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I breathe in Calm, I Exhale a Smile
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