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Awakened By a Word

Dreams and All That Stuff

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Everyone who knows me knows I have sleep issues. If I sleep at all I have the weirdest dreams and remember them quite well. Weird dreams probably has a lot to do with the things I take to try and sleep, no worries all legal. This morning I woke to a word, it was strange because I heard the word, it came from me-but not like a voice-kind of like when you wheeze or your throat growls-and I saw the word in my head. The word meant nothing to me, I laid there for a good long time trying to find a meaning behind it-I got nothing. This is definitely the strangest way to wake up, it got me up a hour early and I used it to get in a half hour of indoor cycling. So I guess the word was a good thing.

How about you do you have weirdness in your sleep or upon waking. Do you have exploding head syndrome?

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Awakened By a Word

Miracle Noodles – But are they?

Inside our Fridge

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Hi ran across an ad for calorie free noodles and I said to myself “yea right” we’ll see. So I hit their website and it’s true. Not only calorie free, soy free, and gluten free too! Taken from their website is the following:

The Miracle Noodle Low Down

* made of naturally water soluble fiber with no fat, sugar, or starch.
* contain zero net carbohydrates and zero calories, no gluten -made of a healthy natural fiber called Glucomannan.
* wheat & gluten free and kosher.
* Easily absorbs the flavors of any soup, dish, or sauce.
* are instant and come in a variety of styles
* have shown beneficial effects backed by medical studies for Type II Diabetes, Constipation, Obesity, and Cholesterol!
I had to try them. Well let me say they are a little daunting because of the preparation. It’s not difficult to do but there is this little matter of the smell. If you don’t rinse as they say, you will regret it, in a big way. I’ve done the research that’s been the biggest complaint. But if you drain them, rinse them a good 2-3 minutes, dry, microwave for about 1 min. and then dry again, I just use a couple paper towels, then combine with whatever you want. FANTASTIC. They are filling without the carb. I’ve combined them with, spaghetti sauce, leftover vegetarian fajita veggies, and frozen broccoli with carrots and garlic sauce. All were good and healthy. I love pasta and this will help fight the evil carbs. Don’t take my word for it, go try them, I liked them so much I joined up to be an affiliate.
So here is my affiliate link, you do not have to use my link if you don’t want to.
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Miracle Noodles – But are they?
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