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Netflix‘s Tuesday announcement of a rate hike on it’s services has caused a customer backlash. Many customers have left around sixty thousand comments on the blog and also on Facebook. @Netflix Twitter has also seen a flood of tweets in response to the price changes.”~Technorati

Oh Netflix what were you thinking, Netflix several months ago went on a marketing blitz promoting a month free of Netflix and then a really great price for streaming video (yay the kids could use the Wii and watch elsewhere in the house) and dvd’s by mail. They hooked me, I cancelled HBO and Starz and starting watching hit movies on my computer. I was happy and saving money, then the first price hike came soon after, it was still cheaper so I thought nothing of it. And now just this week they are hiking the price significantly again. It’s cheaper than HBO but then again HBO doesn’t raise their prices every 3 months so perhaps I may go back.

This is what happens when a good thing changes to greed. Teeheehee we sucked them in now lets wring out all we can from our customers. I see this more and more, Hulu used to be all free, then they started charging for Hulu Premium. I hope that Netflix reads all the posts all over social media sites about their price hike, if they don’t I predict they will be regretting their decisions, there is always somebody out there ready to take up the dropouts and make it better.

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Netflix How Could You
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