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Is There Anybody Out There?


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Well firstly I am still working on my novel in a month project. I am behind and I have no clue if I’ll finish but… It’s funny when you blog all you want is for someone other than your baby sister and spammers to comment and rarely does it happen. You search for some topic that will make every one stand up and cheer and their cheers can be heard through your blog comments. No such luck. I know at least a couple stop by every now and then but some how it’s still disheartening. Many people blog just for a place to vent, I never seem to need to vent about anything so it’s sporadic, I have to wait for an idea. I can go months without anything coming to mind that might sound half way interesting.

Novel writing I’m discovering it really different. I don’t know if this is like this for everyone but I find myself lost in the story. I am experiencing it. I’m sure it won’t come through in my first attempt but I’m enjoying it, living vicariously through it. You can read it if you like the chapters are on this blog, go here

I’ve been very quiet here about my family life. I don’t talk about that much, it’s not that they are boring I just don’t have words most of the time. I’m living it not sharing it. My favorite thing to talk about is books and reading. I still long for that knock on the door where a woman in a business suit hands me her card and says “we’d like to pay you mucho bucks to read for us”. Hey a girl can dream.

Please share any great books you’re reading, I’m always listening and hey it means a comment. I’ve just finished a great trilogy about zombies, I know so over done these days but these were really really good. Want to know what their called? Leave me a comment 🙂


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Is There Anybody Out There?

Chapter 4 Losing My Mind

U-M Emergency Department

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Mat could see the hospital up ahead, knowing this place would have to have people there, she pedaled a little bit faster. Feeling a pit in her stomach Mat noticed more and more cars, vans and even a couple motorcycles in the middles of the road into the hospital and in the middle of the parking lot. “Please God this can’t be happening here too.” Mat said aloud.

Jumping off her bike Mat practically ran to the Emergency Room doors. The doors as she ran into them didn’t automatically open, “crap” she said, “how the hell do I get in?”. Off to her right she noticed the manual open doors, hesitating for just a moment she opened the door and walked in to what should be a busy area of the hospital. The first thing she noticed was how dark it was, without any windows but the doors it was eerily dark. “Hello?” she yelled, with no response and no sounds of activity she saw the sign for hospital lobby and headed towards it. At the lobby desk again there was no sign of anyone around, although there were wheelchairs at the front door and just outside the door, some blocking the doorway keeping the main entrance automatic doors open. Mat walked behind the desk and picked up the phone, dead. Seeing a door behind the desk, she opened it and found a small office again with no one inside. Looking around the office she she could see this was the hospital communications area seeing an earpiece with a microphone attached she slipped if over her head and clicked a button that said all page on the desk. “Hello?” she said into the mouthpiece, nothing happened. “idiot she said, no power” grabbing the headpiece she threw it across the room. Getting up to leave the room she realized how hungry and thirsy she was from the ride over. Exiting the office she looked for the sign for the cafeteria, Pointing off to the left she began the walk to the cafeteria still keeping an ear out for any sounds other than her footsteps in the hallway.

As Mat walked along the hall towards the cafeteria she opened several doors, most were more offices or storage rooms, a couple were waiting rooms, all very dark. “Thank goodness for the glass wall to the outside I wouldn’t be able to see a thing” she thought, seeing the cafeteria ahead she couldn’t help but hope there would be someone there. Built like a giant sun room with a lot of glass and chrome the large eating area was very well lit by the sun shining in. Mat could see food on several of the tables, and lots of coffee cups with coffee still in them.

Working her way around trays in the middle of the floor with food spilling out, she made her way into the food area. Looking around she decided to avoid the refrigerators remembering her own and the warm food. Mat spotted some fresh fruit and grabbed a banana and an apple. Next she grabbed a bagel thinking how great it would be if she could toast one and add some cream cheese, instead she grabbed a little sealed container of peanut butter. “Good thing I like peanut butter” looking around she grabbed a knife and some napkins. Spotting a cooler she opened it, smelling spoiled milk she quickly grabbed a warm orange juice and closed the cooler tightly.

Making her way out of the kitchen she looked around and found a clean table. Eating and staring out the windows, Mat was starting to realize the situation she was in. There seemed to be no one left, no electricity, no phones and no one to ask for help or advice. Looking to her left she spotted a table with remnants of a meal and a newspaper. Jumping up she grabbed the paper, “this will explain things” she quickly scanned the front page. “Nothing! How can there be nothing about what happened?” Mat tried really hard but the tears began to fall. Sobbing and holding her head in her hands her thoughts were scattered. “I can’t do this” she thought to herself. “I cannot be the only person left!” she sobbed. Laying her head down on the table she cried herself to sleep, with a start she woke just a few minutes later. Sighing she realized how tired she was not from lack of sleep but the giant weight she felt like she’d been carrying.

Standing up with resolve she decided to look around just a little bit more. Leaving the cafeteria she followed signs for the elevator, knowing if there were elevators there had to be stairs nearby. Finding the bank of elevators she looked around for the stairs sign. Finding it she pushed open the door, Mat had to push against the door there seemed to be something behind it, getting it open she saw a backpack just behind the door. “I can use this” she thought to herself. Opening it she found a laptop, pens, papers the usual thing you’d find in a teenagers back pack. She emptied all the items out, finding at the bottom a box of matches in a baggie with paraphanlia for rolling your own cigarettes. “Don’t need this stuff except for you” she said grabbing the box of matches and placing them in a pocket of the backpack. Putting the backpack on her back she started up the stairs.

Climbing past several exit doors to the different floors she passed the Pediatrics sign, “I can’t bear to go in there and see no babies or happy parents” she thought sadly to herself. “One more floor then I’ll go see what there is to see”. Opening the next door, the sign said Orthopedics. She stepped into the hallway and again realized how dark it was, even though the whole front of the hospital was glass it didn’t seem to extend very far into the hallways. Immediately the smell of rotting flowers hit her, “Yuck” she thought, her stomach lurching as she went further down the hallway, she could see many of the rooms had their doors open. Many had several dying flower arrangements, and deflated balloons. Not being able to go much father because of the darkness, she walked into her room and made her way to a window, she pulled open the curtains and looked out the window.

Shocked Mat was surprised to see the sun was slowly making it’s way down. Having no idea what time it was she knew she didn’t have enough time to make it home before dark, she turned around looking at the room. The room had obviously not been used, there were no personal items and the bed was neatly made. Regretting now that she had not eaten the food she left on the table in the cafeteria she decided just to lay down and sleep, weary from the emotion she had been keeping in for most of the day. Slowly she drifted off to sleep, surprising herself that she could with all the silence that surrounded her.

This novel belongs to Erin O’Bryan, you cannot copy or use these words without the express permission of the author, use of these words is theft and you will be prosecuted. I use really cool programs that make sure you aren’t borrowing my work. I’m not worrying about punctuation anymore so please don’t you either. This is a creativity experiment only. Let me know what you think but be kind I’ve never written a word of fiction before.

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Chapter 4 Losing My Mind
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