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It Might Be Boredom Not Depression

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris

I was just sitting here thinking to myself why am I so lazy? Of course I heard a few voices of friends and family saying stop being so hard on yourself, but then I really started thinking about it. All afternoon I’ve been trying to find a good book to read, I own literally hundreds on my Kindle Fire but as soon as I would start one, I’d think about a piece of jewelry I wanted to make or a Facebook post I wanted to respond to.

During the week this is exactly what happens when I sit down to one thing, I’m easily distracted or bored and change to something else until I get bored again. I get so down on myself because yet another day has gone by without accomplishing anything but like today, I’m thinking another day wasted but then I go over the day.

1. stripped the bed, flipped the mattress and through the sheets in the laundry

2. decided fresh baked bread sounded good, so I first searched the Internet, landed on the same recipe I always seem to use and started up the machine.

3. cleaned up old files on the laptop

4. texted  back and forth with daughter arranging pickup of my youngest at bgsu

5. Started reading like 4 different books, ultimately not finding anything that held my attention.

6. scrubbed the foyer floor, my dog has had a peeing problem and has been using the slate floor instead of the backyard.

7. sat outside for about 5 minutes, realized I needed to dry the bedding, back in I went

8. Dried sheets, made bed, put the comforter back in the duvet cover(that’s like quadruple points if you’ve ever done this by yourself-it’s a challenge)

9. Drove to BGSU and back to pick up my youngest

10 worked on notes for a pre-trial I have on Tues.

11 and blah blah blah, really it’s not a lot but it’s the fact that I first blamed myself for being lazy, I think I’m just really easily distracted and more importantly bored. I hate listening to inane conversation….yes very much like this blog today 🙂 I can never settle on a tv show, I am a huge channel surfer and never just watch tv, I’m always doing something else at the same time.

I get asked about what I did on a particular day and it irritates me, I don’t want to run through what I did in a day, it bored me the first time why would I want to repeat it and bore someone else. I wonder if there is a way to better segment my time so I’m not down on myself for not accomplishing huge tasks but many smaller ones that equal larger later.

Rambling over I need to go watch Dateline, make earrings and still need to find a book to read. How’s your weekend?

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It Might Be Boredom Not Depression

I Am Addicted to My Kindle Fire

The Know-It-All: One Man's Humble Quest to Bec...

The Know-It-All: One Man's Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I always loved reading and going to the library was my favorite thing to do, and I always said that will never change and I hear others saying the same thing. Well it has changed, I’m in love with my Kindle Fire. I still go to the library every week to take my daughter and her friend to get books but even now, my daughter wanted to read Hunger Games and the list to reserve it was a mile long, so I broke down and put it on my old Kindle for her to read, and I think she’s actually reading it…I think. She’s been a tough one to get to read anything. She goes to the library, gets books and leaves them in the car until the next weeks visit. Very frustrating for a mom who is never without something to read, who doesn’t like to read-it totally baffles me.

Anyway. I also have an addiction to self help books, which is probably why I’m so down most of the time, I find problems I didn’t know I had reading these books 🙂 Anyway, I thought I would share books I’m reading now or soon will be. I do tend to read many books at the same time, fiction and otherwise.

1. (an actual book not on Kindle) about how Starbucks became what it is, fascinating really.

2. The Little Guide to Un-Procrastination

3. Taking it Back: White Flag of the Dead Zombie Series
– Zombie series I’m liking.

4. The Gift of Fear and Other Survival Signals that Protect Us From Violence
– I hear everyone should read this, about following your instincts.

5. Drop Dead Healthy: One Man’s Humble Quest for Bodily Perfection
-Saw this guy on Dr. Oz and he was so funny and informative about getting healthy

6. The Know-It-All: One Man’s Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World
by the same guy that wrote the one above, really really funny I love this guys style.

7. Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom
– I go back and forth to this one

8. You Say More Than You Think: A 7-Day Plan for Using the New Body Language to Get What You Want
– saw this lady on Anderson or Dr. Oz who is a professional at reading body language and teaches how to do it yourself

9. Zen To Done: The Ultimate Simple Productivity System

10. Your Best Just Got Better: Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Make More
, because someone else recommended it, I haven’t gotten into it yet.

Just so you know the above are affiliate links I make a couple cents if you buy them at Amazon but hey go get them at the library if you like a feel of a book and their free there too. I hope you’ll try some of these books and let me know what you thought of the.

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I Am Addicted to My Kindle Fire
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