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There’s a Bad Moon On The Right

NASA artist's rendering of a microburst. Many ...

NASA artist's rendering of a microburst. Many are invisible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The title of this blog will make sense later, read on. So on Thursday, my daughter’s 19th birthday, the “storm” hit. A storm like I’ve never seen before, and even scarier because my children weren’t home with me, I was on the phone with the birthday girl while it was hitting us. My daughters were safe and I was safe but we lost power. Turned out the storm had a microburst, which I have no idea what that is but it toppled huge oak trees by their roots and was load I didn’t hear the 3 trees around me come down Scary!

What turned out to be power outage turned out to be over 50 hours. No phone, no internet, no lights and the worst thing no AC with record temperatures in the 100 degree area. Kids were away at other houses but I stayed, for the pets and the adventure of roughing it. Roughing it would have been a whole lot easer if not for the heat, that was killer. I found after the first 24 hours that exerting any kind of energy was impossible. I spent a lot of time watching the birds in the bird feeder and bird bath, squirrels chasing each other, they chase just like they hang on in the road they have no rhyme, reason or sense of direction. I enjoyed my time alone with little breaks of dinner out with my sweetie or my daughter buying me lunch.

My neighbor lost a tree behind our house and I watched and his crew of men and kids work on getting the mess cleaned up, mowing, week whacking all in 100 degree weather, nutty but true. The funniest part was as I was sitting on my back porch longing for a breeze I look to my right and what to my wandering eyes do I see a pale white middle aged butt right across the yard. Seems one of the crew decided to change into in bathing suit in the driveway behind his truck not realizing I was right across the yard. Men are so funny and seem to have no shame. I don’t know what I’ll do if I ever run across this man clothed somewhere.

The power came back on after 50 some hours and I went to work throwing out thousands of dollars with of food, a lot of it frozen food in two freezers. Ugh. Internet and Phone came back 30 some hours later. Now I have to get used to people again. It was a nice little break off the grid but real life is here now and I need to go check my email.

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There’s a Bad Moon On The Right
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