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Booze, Cigarettes and a Nice Big Steak

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Lately I’ve been craving all of the things in the title. I cannot figure out why. I do drink wine but the rest is off limits for me. Both I think I live in fear of. If I had just one I would be forever addicted. I fear addiction. I have a personality where I kind of become obsessed with things. Crochet, making jewelery a certain food, I do or eat it until I’m so sick of it I can’t stand it. I will spend days and days and days working on a craft an buy everything needed only to be so tired of it I don’t pick it up again sometimes ever. It seemed like a good idea at the time.


My jewelry making is sometimes like that, I have a huge bead stash and tons of patterns ready to go but the difference is I can complete these projects rather quickly and I can walk away and then go back to it when I want. But still sometimes I’ll work on a project instead of work on work. The old obsessive thing rears it’s deadly head.


Do you have an obsession that totally controls you? A bad habit you hate? Give something up for good? Tell us about it.


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Booze, Cigarettes and a Nice Big Steak
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