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The Rules In Progress

My baby PunkinFor the last 27 days or so I was participating..not really on a fit challenge, where you put in a certain amount of money and vow to loose a certain percentage of pounds. In the midst of it I got my first cold/flu in 3 years. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. The good thing, well two good things. I bought a pair of Zaggora Hot pants and I started another round of exercise every single day. I have done a steady workout for a whole week now…which doesn’t sound like much but it’s a start…I start a lot. The pants, I don’t know if they work or not but they sure make you sweat, it’s icky when you take them off, they are soaked hence the instructions to wash after every use. I grab them when I go in the shower and give them a scrubbing with mild shampoo…in cold water no less, I stay in the other corner of the shower.

Now for the rules. I work a lot right from my couch. I’ve been trying to loose weight and the couch can be a problem. Anyway. I’m using a small tablet of paper and making rules for what I do.

#1 no leaving food in the living room where I work. You know you grab a bag of something bad and then just leave it on the couch or the coffee table, well that not good it’s always way to handy. I also get sample boxes of little things that aren’t always good for me, same thing, right up to the kitchen it goes.

#2 when I feel the urge to snack, I first must hydrate with something, bottle of water, cup of tea. Supposedly when we have cravings we’re really just thirsty…uh huh I know I’m not buying that one either. But hydration never hurt anybody…in less one is drowning and drinking in the body of water.

#3 I don’t have one yet, but I’m paying attention to my habits and trying to better myself.

What would be a rule for you? For weight loss, for anti snacking, for workout, for boredom etc….

The Rules In Progress
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