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Wouldn’t You Like to Be a Prepper Too?

something bad is happening and I know it, but ...


I worry a lot about this world we have now, seemingly always on the brink of war somewhere. Climate change, please don’t tell me it’s not happening I’ll go off on you. So many scary things in the world. I mostly worry about the world’s dependence on the internet. Everything is connected now, I read a lot of fiction-which this fiction is based somewhat on fact, about what happens when the world is left without connection. We use internet for everything from banking to prescriptions. Information is transmitted via the internet. Without it we would stop. Without electricity…like in the case of a emp hit ( electromagnetic pulse). EMP’s can be man-made and nature made, they shut it all down. No food transportation, no transportation, no gas, no electricity, no water, no meds, etc… Everything we rely on would cease. To say this won’t happen is foolish.


I remember when 911 happened I had this thought while watching the devastation, someone(s) is out there happy about what is happening. Right now someone is out there trying to figure out how to completely shut us down, to not believe this is truly burying your head in the sand. But what do you do? I think you inform yourself, you learn – living, sustaining, relying on yourself is not a bad skill to have no matter what. The link I shared above is an article written by and author of a book, fiction, I liked about this topic. He knows of what he writes. Go read One Second After. Every page reveals one more thing you just don’t think about not having…but should.


One Second After



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Wouldn’t You Like to Be a Prepper Too?
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