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The Week From Hell

Hell Show

Hell Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This has been a bad week. Last week my gynecologist found a lump in my breast and I had to wait until Tues to have tests. All clear no cancer, got the official letter yesterday. That was a good thing. But then attack of the mentally unstable foster mother came. It’s been horrible trying to deal with someone who only has her own interests and agendas. I don’t like conflict which is funny considering the volunteer work I do. Anyway, I’ve also had this lower back pain all week which I have no idea why, I am trying to think what is causing it and I just can’t figure it out.

Working on more jewelry to keep my hands busy and my mind calm. Need to make some money, it’s pretty tight here these days, health insurance take most of the money I have every month and the regular bills take the rest. If you are against the healthcare act you need to speak with someone who is on the other side and ask them why they are for it, it’s never been political we need help. Non work provided insurance is so expensive, you might be surprised.

I really don’t have much to share I wanted to try out the new look on my page. Do you like it? Free wordpress theme! Love love love free!

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The Week From Hell
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