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When You Lose Your Fear of Death You Lose Your Fear of Life

Look at Earth from the Heaven

Look at Earth from the Heaven (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Woke up at three this morning unable to go back to sleep even with a sleeping pill. So I played Sudoku for a little while, what an amazing world we live in, I can lay in my bed all snuggled in and download and app for Sudoku for free. Anyway after awhile I thought maybe I would find something on t.v. to watch, strangely Mystery Detectives lulls me to sleep except today. So I moved on to CNN. I don’t know what the show was I started watching around 4 but it was amazing. It was about people who had died and come back. The title of this post was from a woman who told her story of being just full of cancer, in a coma, and expected to not live out theĀ  next 24 hours. She passed into a different place, all the stories talked about heaven, Jesus and angels or spirit or whatever you want to call it. She realized when she left this plain of exsistence she was with a higher power. She also realized she was dead because she feared cancer all her life, due to an early loss of a childhood friend, she never felt good enough and told herself that her whole life, not really living life. In “heaven” she met her dad and her childhood friend who filled her with all the things she had been missing. She was told it wasn’t her time. She went back to her body, and was able to go home a while after. Soon after that her cancer tests revealed the tumors all over her body had shrunk 70% and continued until the cancer was gone. Not possible? There are lots of stories like that out there.

I wish I could have seen this whole show, I can’t find out what it was called but it was very very interesting and not something I have really ever thought about. Makes me wonder how much my thoughts effect my outcome.

Something to think about.


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When You Lose Your Fear of Death You Lose Your Fear of Life
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