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How Do You Open a Door That’s Not Been Opened Before?

He wasn't too sure about this whole "E-Ha...

He wasn’t too sure about this whole “E-Hare-mony” thing. (Photo credit: floodllama)

Hello my 8 readers, I’ve missed you! All is well, I’ve been trying to deal with the fact that my baby is now 21. Jinkies it scares me for some reason, she’s a good girl and she was raised with good values. In God we trust.

Guess what I’ve met someone, on an online dating site no less! We’ve been out together a couple of times, the second was a four hour dinner. He is so very different than anyone I’ve met before. We have a lot of differences but a lot in common too. His differences don’t scare me they challenge me. He’s very nice, seriously doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body. On the bad side he’s very intense on how he feels about me in a very short amount of time. This scare me. I have never ever been able to open up and just enjoy completely any situation. Sure you say just do it, but I don’t know how. Seriously I don’t want to mess this up but I’m mean, I sabotage relationships. I find niceness to be suspect. Ugh. I’m going to try but if it’s not something I’ve ever done I don’t know quite how to do it. I would really like to let loose and just enjoy life, it’s time.

How Do You Open a Door That’s Not Been Opened Before?
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