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Something Important to Remember

IMG00031-20120326-0753I know the word introvert is all the rage these days but if you know one or think you might know one remember this. We need to do some decompression after lots of activity. The more time I don’t get down time I start getting very tense. My 15 year old has learned this, she sees the signs and will usually say I’m going to stop talking you need some time, pretty impressive for a 15 yr old and especially for my daughter who talks non stop mostly like a Seinfeld episode.

I’m a bit crazed and it’s only day 2 of the week. I know meditation, yoga etc.. I just really need to sit and bead or read but my brain starts going over the day or all the things I didn’t do whilst doing a whole lot of something else.

I’m hoping next week will just be a regular week, scheduled and easy but I know better.

Something Important to Remember

Welcome to my journal

I’m changing this to my journal type postings You’ll get bored pretty quick but a recent podcast recommended keeping one, and since i seem to be an exhibitionist online this is it.

I listened to this great podcast last night, great for only me because it had to do with things to do for non profit management my new passion, I say passion because it’s much more than a job. Anyway what I learned is some podcasts should not be listened to at night, I must have started the thing 3 times…I kept falling asleep and still never finished it plus I wanted to take notes…not something I usually do but thinking about past relationships maybe I should have 🙂

A "wizard" troll doll, manufactured ...

A “wizard” troll doll, manufactured by Russ Berrie in the 1990s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Relationships ugh. I give up. I go on the sites and see what’s out there but for one thing I only have horrible pictures of me which doesn’t help my chances of anyone responding, it’s always about looks first no matter what anyone says. Guy looks like a troll doll it ain’t happening for me! So I just don’t put any pressure on myself. With the new job hopefully there will be more interactions with professional men instead of just dead beat parents and no that’s it just dead beat parents. Not a great pool to pick from.

OMG Money is such an issue this month. 2,000 for health insurance, 2400 for real estate taxes, 700 for a down payment on my daughters car, 25 dog licence, auto insurance I don’t even want to know plus all the usual bills. February is a no extra spending month experiment with my sister!

Discovering some great new recipe books for vegan cooking, exciting. Every morning I write on a slip of paper one thing that stands out in the previous on the previous day as something i am grateful for. ’nuff said no I mean it I’m bored with this.



Welcome to my journal
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