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Brother Can You Spare A Dime?

English: Artistic photograph of a dime in a ha...

English: Artistic photograph of a dime in a hand, illustrating the phrase Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you read my irregularly posted posts you know I got a new job that I just love. There is a very bad downside. I haven’t been paid since February. Times were tough when I took over and I won’t go into details on why they haven’t gotten better, it’s still the best job I could ever ask for. This post is about don’t go anywhere. I’ve learned some important things in the last few months.

Poverty is something that can happen anytime…not usually after you take over as Executive Director but hey it happens. Poverty isn’t just not having any money it’s something much worse. Poverty sucks the life out of you. You can’t eat well because is no money to buy the stuff you should be buying, ironically the healthy stuff is more expensive and when you have no money you eat the canned stuff you find in your cupboard. Poverty is not being able to pay a bill and constantly getting overdraft fees that suck up the little money you had in the bank. Poverty is not being able to give your daughter any money to see a movie with friends, she’ll clean out her piggy bank instead, poverty creates shame. Poverty is the best way to killĀ happiness, sure there are all the platitudes, you don’t need money to be happy etc… worry kills happiness. Worry is waiting for your car to finally blow an engine because there is something seriously wrong and you know it plus you have no breaks, worry is your daughters school finally saying we can’t wait anymore we need that money from you so your daughter can do something she needs to do. Worry is knowing even when you do get money, it’s already spent. Poverty is not being able to mow because you can’t buy gas and your yard looks like an abandoned lot.

Poverty is shame. I have a roof over my head, with shingles flying off every time there is a strong wind. I have my health, although I need to see a dentist badly and so do my kids. I have food, not the best but we’ll make do. I have other ways to make money and I do as much as I can to do that but having to ask that you get paid right away is shame. I am blessed I know this. I am surrounded by wonderful, brilliantly supportive people, and my small but can’t do without family.

I’m just visiting poverty, and I’m probably insulting a whole lot of people by calling what I’m going through poverty. For this I apologize. It will get better, I still hold onto something valuable, hope. Imagine those that have lost that too. That is real poverty.

Brother Can You Spare A Dime?
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