I’m a Poet, NOT

pulling_out_hairI was just sitting here thinking about song lyrics and then I drifted to my new favorite addiction, Nashville. The music is fantastic and I don’t know how they do it episode after episode. Love the lyrics. One of the charecters started out writing poems, something I have never ever thought of doing. Until now. I had a line and it grew from there. I really am not a poet so be aware it’s not good. Here goes.


Some people are so hard, everything a business deal.

Controlling every outcome, no need to really feel.

Seeing people as things, something to manipulate.

I’m sorry for you my friend that will not be my fate.

I chose the light and love within it.

You hide behind the accolades and believe they are for you.

You’re trapped within your own ego, and can’t see that you are due.

The Mighty fall, the King grows small. You become irrelevant.

Remember us, we choose the light.

It’s not to late to find us here. We’re in the light and the love within it.

The end ~Erin

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I’m a Poet, NOT
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2 Responses

    Poet or not, the words are true and if more people took them to heart and actually lived this way the world would suck so much less.

    Good job you !!!

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