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Finding a Happy Place

Sad SlugI don’t know when it happened but somehow I have lost what makes me happy. I couldn’t even tell you what it would be. Being beaten down and beaten down has left me a slug, with no energy and no vision. Sad little slug. Nothing that gave me joy before, crocheting, reading, my job, jewelry making even watching movies give me any kind of happy. I don’t believe there is no cure I just don’t know what it is. I plan stuff I think might be fun but then I have to cancel to do a work thing, a volunteer thing or a drive a kid somewhere thing it’s gone, poof.

I was really excited about starting yet another project but now I can’t so there’s that.

What makes you happy? I had this thing planned for this weekend and now I have to drive a kid and miss it. Sigh.

Finding a Happy Place
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