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I am a mom, new vegetarian, website designer, working part-time in a real estate office, reader, crocheter, and always looking to learn something new!

I hope you’ll read and enjoy and comment. Give me your input I appreciate the sincere advice.

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About Me
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  1. vanessa says:

    Hi Erin, wow, such great ideas. I called my local health food store and they have the miracle noodles. Im super excited about that. Did you only use the miracle noodles after the 23 day of the VLCD?

    Your pasta salad and egg salad recipes sound great!!!
    thanks for you post.

    • Erin says:

      I love shiratacki noodle, which called that are cheaper than miracle noodle but they are both the same. The thing is remember they smell really really bad when you open the package, rinse well and it will be fine in any sauce. I eat the noodles all the time.

  2. cara says:

    Hi Erin-
    I am a vegetarian starting the HCG diet tomorrow- did you use the miracle noodles while on this diet? thanks

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