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Finding a Happy Place

Sad SlugI don’t know when it happened but somehow I have lost what makes me happy. I couldn’t even tell you what it would be. Being beaten down and beaten down has left me a slug, with no energy and no vision. Sad little slug. Nothing that gave me joy before, crocheting, reading, my job, jewelry making even watching movies give me any kind of happy. I don’t believe there is no cure I just don’t know what it is. I plan stuff I think might be fun but then I have to cancel to do a work thing, a volunteer thing or a drive a kid somewhere thing it’s gone, poof.

I was really excited about starting yet another project but now I can’t so there’s that.

What makes you happy? I had this thing planned for this weekend and now I have to drive a kid and miss it. Sigh.

Finding a Happy Place

Just Another Attempt

GarySo here I am again vowing to start blogging again. We’ll see. Trying to work on me now. Doing the 16:8 Intermittent Fasting, lost 2 pounds the first 3 days. It’s a good reset for me and tests my willpower. In my work my willpower is tested daily, the willpower not to just explode is always there. I need to work on self-help cuz no one is going to do it for me, dammit.

Reverse moving. So in order to clear the crap in my house, I am packing like I’m moving, weird yes, working? Yes. I am sorting and keeping only things I need or that mean something to me. I have a long way to go and the house needs major work but it’s working. The less in the house the better and the more empty surfaces the happier I feel.

Relationship? There is something but I’m not sure I would call it a relationship. It works for now. I’m not interested in anything other than what it is.

Kids good.

Pets, annoying. I have Gary the dog who tests my patience on a regular basis. Ozzy the cat who likes to get the dog in trouble by teasing him thereby he attacks and gets sent to detention.

That’s my story….for now. Stay tuned.

Just Another Attempt
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