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How Do You Open a Door That’s Not Been Opened Before?

He wasn't too sure about this whole "E-Ha...

He wasn’t too sure about this whole “E-Hare-mony” thing. (Photo credit: floodllama)

Hello my 8 readers, I’ve missed you! All is well, I’ve been trying to deal with the fact that my baby is now 21. Jinkies it scares me for some reason, she’s a good girl and she was raised with good values. In God we trust.

Guess what I’ve met someone, on an online dating site no less! We’ve been out together a couple of times, the second was a four hour dinner. He is so very different than anyone I’ve met before. We have a lot of differences but a lot in common too. His differences don’t scare me they challenge me. He’s very nice, seriously doesn’t seem to have a mean bone in his body. On the bad side he’s very intense on how he feels about me in a very short amount of time. This scare me. I have never ever been able to open up and just enjoy completely any situation. Sure you say just do it, but I don’t know how. Seriously I don’t want to mess this up but I’m mean, I sabotage relationships. I find niceness to be suspect. Ugh. I’m going to try but if it’s not something I’ve ever done I don’t know quite how to do it. I would really like to let loose and just enjoy life, it’s time.

How Do You Open a Door That’s Not Been Opened Before?

Welcome to the Jungle!

Also known mistakenly as The first kiss


Well I started into the wild untamed jungle of dating. Yesterday was my first date with a person I’ve never met, in my whole like I’ve never done this. I was so nervous. Just to catch you up I started using for a chance to maybe date a little. I had a bite right away and he seemed nice and not bad looking. So after a week or two we arranged to meet for lunch. I felt like throwing up all morning. I had this fear he wouldn’t look like his picture or something else would be weird.  

The meeting was a lot of my fears realized. He didn’t look like his picture, I’m guessing the pic was at least 10 years old. He said he was 5’6 which I know is not tall but when I met him we could look each other in the eye, I’m 5’2ish. He was fun to talk to, and he kept touching my arm which was a little creepy for me with a stranger. The the true nature of the beast came out. Bitter Angry Divorced Guy, first he just eased into telling me all the awful stories of his former wife..actually after talking to him I’m not sure divorce is final. But he went on and on sharing his trials and tribulations then he remembered he forgot to ask about me…at that point I didn’t have a whole lot of interest in sharing much so I was vague which is ok he just started talking about himself some more. At one point when speaking of his former wife he actually said I wish she would have died rather than all this divorce stuff….warning warning Willl Robinson. I told him he seemed a wee bit bitter and he said not anymore, okay whatever you say please God let me leave here soon. We said goodbye and he was sweet, we hugged he snuck a kiss on the cheek and I was out of there. Later that day he sent a message he would like to go out again. I’ve never had to turn anyone down, my younger years didn’t involve a long dance card I settled on whoever asked and didn’t do too bad.

I need advice how would you nicely say no thank you the spark just wasn’t’ there??? I want to be nice. Please advise.

This is my go to song for workout on the treadmill or bike or now dating.




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Welcome to the Jungle!
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