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Well I’m here where’s the snacks?

Back of a box of Scooby Snacks from Suncoast.

Back of a box of Scooby Snacks from Suncoast. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As usual it’s been a long time since I posted. I haven’t posted for the very best reason I’ve been doing something I really love that keeps me very occupied. My job is so fulfilling to me…except the not getting paid part, that will come I hope before I have to get desperate. I’ve always been one to get bored easily and this is never the case with non-profit. It’s a challenge every day and it gets me out of bed every day.

I’ve come to the conclusion I’ll probably never have a date again and that makes me sad sometimes. It’s really hard when you realize you are not part of something that makes you feel special. Yes I know yaddayaddayadda I don’t need a man to feel special but there is something wonderful about knowing there is somebody out there that fills that void of being a part of something bigger than yourself. I can’t voice it correctly but if you never have someone to call when you just need a hug, or to go out to dinner with or just be with it leaves a little empty place. I’m not whining I swear, it just makes me sad.

I have met and gotten to know so many special people while doing this new job I feel so honored. I will tell anyone reading this to consider volunteering in some way, you start out thinking your are giving something to someone else but if you find the right place you get more than you give. I never ever would have guessed how much volunteering has done for me, it’s an unexplainable joy I wish I could help everyone to share.

Ok so this is a Seinfeld post, really about nothing. Just thought I would jump right in again.

Well I’m here where’s the snacks?

Let Me Be Your Cautionary Tale

Piranha (1978), directed by Joe Dante and writ...

There I’ve gone and done it, I jumped into the online dating world. Actually I’ve joined I think all of them in the last 4 months or so. Some are more skeezy than others. I think the first one was the one for over 50’s, Our Time. That one just seemed desperate and fake. I just didn’t get the feeling anyone was telling the truth. OkCupid is fun but there are some strange people there, it’s free so you get what you pay for, although I did find someone I already know so that was kind of fun to tease him about. He asked me out then promptly sold all his possessions and moved out of state…I’m sure it’s just coincidence…right?


The last site I’ve joined is EHarmony. Love their commercials and I’m liking the way it all functions. I joined a few days ago and am already exchanging a lot of messages with a guy who lives nearby. I don’t get the impression he is fibbing about anything. One of these days I’ll get brave and meet him, he seems like he’s ok talking back and forth, if he wasn’t I wouldn’t bother.


So I’ will keep you updated. I say let me be your cautionary tale because ┬áthere by the grace of God go I, it could be you. Enjoy your other half,


you could be me.


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Let Me Be Your Cautionary Tale
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