Dream Date Warning-Please Share

     As a regular browser of dating websites, but never use, I have a warning for others that do use them. There are so many fake guys out there just looking to play with you. There is no way they have good intentions. I have run across so many who start conversations but you just get this little inkling that something isn’t right. Picture is too perfect, this guy would never be on a free dating site, he’s very pushy sending a phone number in a message etc.. follow your gut and do some research.

I’m going to try and explain and non-technically as I can how to at least check if the picture might be deceiving. Ok first thing you have to do is click you mouse on the image, just once to make sure you are anchored there. Now just click you right mouse button just once, a menu of options will pop up. Click on copy image url, you’ll will have now copied where the image is located on the sites website. Now go to: https://www.tineye.com/ you’ll will see a place to pop in add image address here, right click your mouse button just once, choose paste, it will paste in the location of that photo. Now click search. Results will come up below.

If there are results below, you can then click the compare button, it will then give you a box to switch back and forth between the image you gave them and the image they found, to do a quick back and forth comparison. It will also give you links to see where they found their comparisons. This will give you some proof or lack of if the guy is truthful. Other things you can do, ask for his real name if he uses some goofy name on the site. User name on the site is sometimes a name, if it is do a Google search for the name, check Facebook. You’ll usually find information if this guy has used the same name before.

I write this for women because I know it happens, I’m sure men are getting the same thing in their dating results. Good luck out there, it’s hard enough out there without the trolls to add to it. If I can help just ask.

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Dream Date Warning-Please Share
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  1. Tracy says:

    I am now going to go paste pictures of random people I know in there to see if I get a hit!

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