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Why Get Out of Bed

10931303_10153036425538630_4992521187872609201_nI woke up this morning and laid in bed. I couldn’t for the life of me think of a reason to get out of bed(Giraffe finally got me up, long story). I have nothing to look forward to, all I do is work. I can’t have a normal conversation because all there is is work and my kids. Work and kids are great but it doesn’t maintain a long conversation or in-depth except if I get on my soapbox about work or kids. Would you want to sit down with that? I wouldn’t.

This week has been so hard. I had to testify for hours and a mom lost her two kids, she’s lost 4 altogether. It was the right decision but it will never ever feel good. In the long run I will focus back to the kids, they are never out of my thoughts, but as a mom you can’t help but put yourself in that position and honestly I can’t I can only imagine how that must feel. Parents love their kids, they just don’t always do it right.

Busy week to look forward to I guess. Almost every day and night is booked. Mostly work stuff 🙂  Some good training to look forward to…for work. Where does a single woman go to meet people all alone. Yes there is church but I don’t find that to be a great place for match making. It doesn’t help that most of the time I have absolutely no interest in relationships. I just need a companion to call to do things with, I do not want any kind of serious thing. It holds absolutely no interest to me. I did something stupid and I know I did what I did because of my serious lack of self worth or not to hurt someones feelings – this would be the second time in a year.

I got so angry with myself, which is  good thing. I’m so not happy with my body, and there is only 2 things I can do. Exercise and eat right. Trying yet again. Always after trial I am full of the urge to control things like exercise, food, house.

Food Musings: Short grain brown rice…cook it long enough and it’s like custard. Why do I buy walnuts their taste is obnoxious, or at least the ones from the grocery store. Pecans are the way to go. To me pecans taste like maple syrup.

That is all, have a wonderful day!

Why Get Out of Bed

I Wear Bunny Slippers To Work

She has bunny slippers on

She has bunny slippers on

These days if your spam folders aren’t filled with strange offers for pharmaceuticals it’s for how to start your own business, work from home and make tons of money. As my daughter would say, Whatever. As a work at home business woman for the last 12 years I am here to school you on some things they don’t tell you.

Working from home IS wonderful, and hopefully I never have to go back to an office situation longer than a few hours a week, which is what I do now. In 1997 I started my own website design company. I did this because I was hungry for a change-recent personal issues in my life were making me want something different, I had recently moved into a house I loved, and my daughter was starting kindergarten soon and I wanted to spend time with her and then be there for her when school ended every day.

An important issue that has to be thought of before anything else, can you afford to do this? At the time we could. In the beginning, it was great fun, I could work in my pj’s, I worked, I played, I was there for my daughter but then working from home reality set in.

1. People do not take it seriously when you work from home, I got calls a lot in the beginning because I was home I was available, right?

2. The distractions are huge. Everything from a good book, your mom calling, even Dr. Phil occasionally caught my eye.

3. One of the hardest issues to deal with is the loss of personal interaction. I never thought this would be a problem for me, I’ve always been such an introvert. Even introverts need personal contact with people, perhaps more than regular people we get worse without it.

4. If you’ve never run a business before there are some things to learn. Accounting(billing, invoicing, opening a bank account for your business, naming your business, securing the use of your business name, taxes!!).

Those are just some of the issues. Don’t get me wrong, again I never want to go back to working full time in an office. I like the freedom of my own business, taking meetings, lunch with colleagues, webinars that are only scheduled during the day, and all the fun stuff that can come.

The worst issue I have time management, organizing skills, and the fact that I have terrible concentration issues – I flit from task to task. I’m working on that.

There are lots of great books, websites and people that can help you to start your own business and guide you through the hard stuff-start at the library, Google search and SCORE a great source for business advice. I highly recommend it but be prepared for it not being all fun, it’s work.


I Wear Bunny Slippers To Work
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