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You Don’t Wanna Wait To Eat Your Raisins

shoesI had the funniest thing happen this week. I bought a pair of shoes, not tennis shoes girl shoes. This might not seem funny to you but for me it’s super cool. I wasn’t born with two perfect feet, I can’t wear girly high heels so I’ve tried to never really pay any attention to shoes because I can’t have them. I’ve been wearing the same ugly dress shoes for things for probably 7 years, they stay on both feet and they don’t hurt. Last week I was just roaming around Ebay and saw these shoes. I fell in love with the lace and the look of them so I ordered them in black, after I hit pay I noticed they were high heels in disguise, oh no, this won’t work for me and I tried to cancel the order but it wasn’t possible. Well the shoes came yesterday and I love them! They aren’t sneakers they are actual shoes that a grown up woman would wear, and I’m wearing them…two days in a row. The feeling wearing these shoes gave me was very strange. I was happy about having them, I don’t buy stuff like this for myself. I am a girly girl!

Why the title of this post is what it is, I dunno, the commercial is so darn cute I just felt like using it, and besides it’s true you don’t wanna wait to eat your raisins and why should you!

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You Don’t Wanna Wait To Eat Your Raisins
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