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Off the Grid and It Feels So Good

Ok I haven’t been technically off the grid because that would mean no cell, no computer no nothin’ ,untraceable. I have however been deliberately not working as I normally would. I’m doing all the necessary things and taking care of commitments but I haven’t really been following all the streams of information I usually do or thinking of ways to improve this or that in my own business.  So what have I been doing?

I’ve been exploring my more creative side. For some time now I’ve felt really bad about my lack of creativity. Thinking my work was my creativity and it stank. But in fact I am creative but seem to have packed it away for awhile. Well I found that imaginary box of creativity and pulled out a couple things I had forgotten how much I liked. I’m not talking any kind of computer work at all, none electric none digital.

So first I went back to something I have been doing for a long time on and off, crocheting but not just any kind of crocheting it’s called graphgans or Moez crochet. Basically it’s Tunisian crochet done following a graph pattern to create really great afghans. Here’s a sample of what I’ve been working on-it wasn’t supposed to be this big. If you think you know what it is…and I haven’t told you already in my real life, I’d love to see your guesses in my comments.

My second project was a little bit different. Quite awhile ago I used to just love to buy beads because I love earrings, it’s the only piece of jewelry other than rings that I wear every day. I made a few in the past really just putting a do dad on a wire and attaching it to a post or something, not really jewelry making. I decided to go and revisit my old beads and discovered a passion and a new source for ideas. When I used to “make” earrings the Internet was not what it is now, now it’s an unlimited source for ideas and instruction and tools to buy. So this time I’m actually making a large portion of the actual earring. I’ve discovered working with wire, I’m actually thinking about doing rings in wire soon. Here is a sample pair of earrings I did for my sister, the blue bead is from my late mom’s necklace so it’s really special to me and my sister.

Guess what I guess I might just have some creativity in me after all. I’m slowly working my way back into work and trying to feel good about what I’m doing. Here’s hoping it works.

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Off the Grid and It Feels So Good
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