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Netflix How Could You

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Netflix‘s Tuesday announcement of a rate hike on it’s services has caused a customer backlash. Many customers have left around sixty thousand comments on the blog and also on Facebook. @Netflix Twitter has also seen a flood of tweets in response to the price changes.”~Technorati

Oh Netflix what were you thinking, Netflix several months ago went on a marketing blitz promoting a month free of Netflix and then a really great price for streaming video (yay the kids could use the Wii and watch elsewhere in the house) and dvd’s by mail. They hooked me, I cancelled HBO and Starz and starting watching hit movies on my computer. I was happy and saving money, then the first price hike came soon after, it was still cheaper so I thought nothing of it. And now just this week they are hiking the price significantly again. It’s cheaper than HBO but then again HBO doesn’t raise their prices every 3 months so perhaps I may go back.

This is what happens when a good thing changes to greed. Teeheehee we sucked them in now lets wring out all we can from our customers. I see this more and more, Hulu used to be all free, then they started charging for Hulu Premium. I hope that Netflix reads all the posts all over social media sites about their price hike, if they don’t I predict they will be regretting their decisions, there is always somebody out there ready to take up the dropouts and make it better.

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Netflix How Could You

These are a few of my Favorite Things

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This is a lame attempt at putting new content up on my blog. I’ve been lazy and busy, sad and mad and just haven’t gotten around to posting. I am shamed.

This post is a miscellanous list of thing I love and would not want to live without. Products, books etc.. kids and family are assumed.

  1. My Kindle. I have so many books on there now, most of them I got free thanks to a great blog, Books on the Knob. If you’ve got a Kindle go subscribe.
  2. My recently discovered vegetarian products. Like Amy’s Steak and Gravy dinner. Really Really good. Meatballs from Whole Foods with mushrooms and no meat. Amy’s Organic Chili-yummm and so many more. Just ask I’ll tell you.
  3. My public library and the fact that I can reserve online. I love to read and I love to make it as easy as possible to find books. See #4 for how I do it.
  4. I love Twitter and here is an unusual reason why. As I said above I love to read and using Twitter and the hashtag #bookreviews I get all kinds of tweets about book reviews recently posted then I go off an read them and if I like what I read I either reserve them right away or I use #5.
  5. Evernote. Evernote is a free program that lets you organize all kinds of things. When I read about a book I would like to read I highlight the book name and author from whatever site I’m reading, right click and add it to Evernote. I have a whole list of books to read, then when I do, I remove them from the list. I use Evernote for random blog post ideas, shopping lists, client information and so much more. Check it out here: Evernote website
  6. LinkedIn. If you are in business you need to be on LinkedIn.com. It’s not only a great way to connect with businesses that might want your services but it’s a great way to connect with people in the same business. It’s a source of information from reliable sources who have or do what you do, have had experiences they want to share and advice they willingly share. For the groups alone I think it’s worth it to become active on it.
  7. Wii. I love the Wii Game System. Where else can you play sports, play games, play in a rock band, exercise, learn to dance, watch Netflix movies, and so much more. This has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made.
  8. Yoga. Little did I know how much I would love to do yoga when my sister convinced me to go just once to try it out. It’s relaxing and yet a workout like you’ve never done before, it’s body intensive and mind intensive, you are really only thinking about what you and your body are doing there are very rarely outside thoughts intruding when you’re doing it. Try it, just once.
  9. Zune HD My Zune is used daily if for nothing else than entertaining me on the treadmill. I can listen to radio, my mp3’s, watch a movie or tv show, or listen to audio books. With my Zune and a Kindle I would be great on a deserted island…and food of course.
  10. Being a vegetarian. This one is sometimes difficult to do, going out to dinner is an adventure, luckily many restaurants now put their menus online. I love feeding my body better products, more veggies and fruits. I rarely miss meat and when I do it’s more from not being about to share a roast with the family, it’s the family not the content of the dinner. Wish they were vegetarians too. It hasn’t helped my weight which I didn’t expect it to I could only hope. Guess that one’s up to me.

So that’s my 10 for this month, hopefully I’ll have 10 more soon. What would you add, I would love to know and maybe they will become mine too.

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These are a few of my Favorite Things
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