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Do You Have In It You? Hell Yes!

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Many years ago I worked for a company that some would call made up of good ole boys, women for the most part were kept in stereotypical jobs like secretaries and operators. I took the job with no experience in a office environment. I came in at a disadvantage because my skills were little at best. But I learned and excelled but never tried real hard, we knew our place and there was no moving up in the company if you had girl parts.

A couple years into my working there with some very wonderful women, the company decided to bring in a man that was supposed to tighten things up, or more literally trim anywhere he can, and he did. He started firing people pretty fast. I never felt like my job was in jeopardy but I hated what was happening to people around me. I put the word out that I was looking for another job to people I knew. Well soon after I was contacted by a rival company, I interviewed and I loved the whole feeling in that office. I was offered the job, I accepted with no increase in pay from my current job. I got to go in and quit to that man firing all my co-workers. He said to me, we don’t even get to counter offer, I said absolutely not! It was the best day I ever had there.

I started the other job and it taught me so much. Mostly what it’s like to be treated as a company worker, not a low level employee easily disposed of. I flourished at this job. Well a few years into it I had a lot of family issues and had also been thinking of starting my own website design company at home. Deciding to leave this job and having to tell them was the hardest thing to do, I cried. The difference here, they completely supported me, in fact they became one of my best and favorite client of my now 13 year old company.

A couple of years ago my former favorite boss ran into the boss from the Good Ole Boy company and it was mentioned that I left there and started my own company, the Good Ole Boy’s response, “I didn’t think she had it in her”. At first I was angry, but then I realized when I worked for him I didn’t have it in me. That job left me feeling oppressed every day and not feeling as though I would ever escape. When I did escape I found my way to a nurturing company who saw my potential and let me fly. Even though I left them they have been my biggest supporters.

That’s it that’s how it works. If you don’t water, feed, and support so many things in your life, they wither and die, sometimes not literally but inside. Not just in the work environment but in all aspects. Feed your relationships, help them to thrive, you do have it in you!

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Do You Have In It You? Hell Yes!
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