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I Needed a Quick Spot to Write Something

I’m working on some personal and professional things lately. I have so many appointments meeting with new people this¬†week! I’m excited to experience every day. That being said that is my professional life, there is the personal life to work on. No, I don’t mean a relationship with someone I really have no interest in that, no seriously. You spend enough time on your own you learn it’s a really cool place to be. No, I don’t get lonely, believe¬†it or not. Ok so here are a couple of my personal goals, this isn’t a blog post more a reminder post for me.

Implement the Miracle Morning

Work on the Konmari method

Get my Holistic Nutrition Certificate

I Needed a Quick Spot to Write Something

Shame on Me


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I haven’t posted in so long. I could say I’ve been busy and it would be true in some ways, not time wise so much as things going on in life. Health hasn’t been great, I’ve been fighting extreme fatigue for some unknown reason and then you throw in sleep issues and it’s a double whammy. I think I’ve mentioned I’m a CASA-Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children, that has been busy but so fulfilling, best think I’ve ever done. Then I decided that wasn’t enough and I started a local group using Facebook and Twitter, called Toledo Cash Mob. I love the idea of Cash Mobs, if you don’t know what they are here’s a link to check out. We’re having our first “mob” this weekend and I’m so hoping it’s successful. I was interviewed by the local paper and when asked why I started this group I had trouble answering. Why I did it is unknown to me, I woke up one morning and thought I wonder if anyone is doing this here, I searched and found nothing, so I started the Facebook group and wham it took off with over 100 members in 4 days!

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business Absolutely loving this book from the introduction on it’s been just fascinating. Also reading a Lisa Gardner book,Catch Me

I love my Kindle Fire I cannot imagine being anywhere without it. My biggest concern is the short battery life before it needs a recharge.

Alright I’ve babbled on about nothing really just needed to get some words out there. Local paper identified me as a blogger, yikes, I don’t know where they got that from but I’m feeling pressure to perform.

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Shame on Me
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