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Good things do come

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I’ve been a terrible blogger lately and really sure I could say I’ve been really busy – that would be true but really only the last two weeks. I can’t even really say there is a good reason other than the reason so many bloggers stop or stall, lack of blog ideas. When you write a personal blog it’s even worse, you should run into lots of things throughout the day that should just beg to be written about. I guess I need to open my eyes more to the ideas out there¬† every day.

Life is good and really life is good because I’m busy. I forgot how good it feels to know the plan for the day when you get up rather than winging it. It’s really easy to say I’ll do that tomorrow and instead watch Judge Judy. Working at home can be a sucking hole of not wanting to move.

So here’s a few things I have done lately

  • my daughter turned 17. I threw her a party and bought her a car(not a great car but it runs)
  • Took on a huge web design ¬† project see above paragraphs regarding really busy lately.
  • Been down to the pond behind my house a few times, usually I don’t do much with that-I’m not good with heat and sun but it was nice and I’ve vowed to do it more often.
  • Bought a Kindle-I always wanted one but they were way expensive but on the day Woot announced they were bought by Amazon they had them at an unbelievable price. I do love it.
  • Launched my revised website with my newly designed logo at irishis.com

Began taking yoga – I absolutely love it, I was convinced to try it and I’m so glad. I love the challenge to my body, doing something and pushing just a little bit farther.

Ok that it, my Seinfeld like blog…about nothing really but hey I’m blogging.

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Good things do come

Review:”Stumble Upon” Something Fun and Educational

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Warning the website I’m about to talk about can suck you in and you can find yourself carried along for hours. It’s not a website exactly but rather something like a tour guide. I’m talking about Stumble Upon.

Go to Stumble Upon and create and account. Then click on the categories that interest you. Then fasten your seat belts and get ready for the ride. Based on what categories you chose, you then stumble to different websites whose content matches. Sometimes it’s dead on and sometimes it’s not. You can share your discoveries, you can thumbs up or thumbs down sites and even save some favorites to revisit.

I happened on this site because I hear about it all the time and now I know why. A lot of the sites you Stumble Upon are not necessarily mainstream but they can be so interesting or teach you something or just waste your time but have fun at the same time. Go check it out when you have a minute or a few hours. Stumble Upon will be your cruise director. Thumbs Up!

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Review:”Stumble Upon” Something Fun and Educational
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