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Netflix How Could You

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Netflix‘s Tuesday announcement of a rate hike on it’s services has caused a customer backlash. Many customers have left around sixty thousand comments on the blog and also on Facebook. @Netflix Twitter has also seen a flood of tweets in response to the price changes.”~Technorati

Oh Netflix what were you thinking, Netflix several months ago went on a marketing blitz promoting a month free of Netflix and then a really great price for streaming video (yay the kids could use the Wii and watch elsewhere in the house) and dvd’s by mail. They hooked me, I cancelled HBO and Starz and starting watching hit movies on my computer. I was happy and saving money, then the first price hike came soon after, it was still cheaper so I thought nothing of it. And now just this week they are hiking the price significantly again. It’s cheaper than HBO but then again HBO doesn’t raise their prices every 3 months so perhaps I may go back.

This is what happens when a good thing changes to greed. Teeheehee we sucked them in now lets wring out all we can from our customers. I see this more and more, Hulu used to be all free, then they started charging for Hulu Premium. I hope that Netflix reads all the posts all over social media sites about their price hike, if they don’t I predict they will be regretting their decisions, there is always somebody out there ready to take up the dropouts and make it better.

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Netflix How Could You

Back to Basics-How to Start

plant-victory-gardenOne of the good things to come out of our current economical times is the getting back to basics I see all over the place, some with a twist.

Take Cooking for example. I’m seeing a lot more people talking about cooking rather than going out. Crock Pot cooking is in again. I’ve always been a follower, not a doer I’m afraid, of Freezer Cooking. Go to Yahoo Groups or Google some time and search freezer cooking, it’s not a fad it’s been around a long time. Basically what were talking about is cooking in bulk then storing the mixes or casseroles or whatever it is in the freezer for future cooking. This type of cooking has evolved into something so very convenient, you no longer have to figure how or what to freeze, all the recipes you need or want can easily be found and broken down to make multiple dinners of. There are great cookbooks for this too, such as Frozen Assets: Cook for a Day, Eat for a Month , Make-A-Mixor The Freezer Cooking Manual from 30 Day Gourmet: A Month of Meals Made Easy are just a few. For a different twist on things, videos, go to YouTube.com and search for Depression Cooking with Clara. This lady is fantastic and has some great recipes too.

Family activities have become more prominent too. Family game night is the new thing, for some it’s always been. The twist now family game night can be played on your Wii Game System. I just ordered, for Christmas-shhh, a combo package Hasbro Family Game Night, that contains, Boogle, Yahtzee etc.. something fun we can all play.

More and more people are really starting to use the library more, which here in Ohio is kind of ironic since our Governor cut funding to our libraries, which makes no sense on so many levels. The time is now to explore your local library if you don’t already. My library also has an online library with down-loadable Ebooks, and audio books. The library itself has a huge amount of dvd’s, CD’s, video’s, books on tape, books on players, magazines, and of course all the books for kids, adults, teens, business people, something for everyone. Got a hobby? Bet you can find a book about it, like crochet, knitting, cooking, writing poetry, music, woodworking, remodeling, drawing, gardening and the list is endless.

Gardening is getting to be a really big deal too. I’ve seen the old Victory Gardens springing up again. From Wikipedia:
Victory gardens, also called war gardens or food gardens for defense, were vegetable, fruit and herb gardens planted at private residences and public parks in United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany[1] during World War I and World War II to reduce the pressure on the public food supply brought on by the war effort. In addition to indirectly aiding the war effort these gardens were also considered a civil “morale booster” — in that gardeners could feel empowered by their contribution of labor and rewarded by the produce grown. Making victory gardens become a part of daily life on the home front.

How cool is it for kids to see where a cucumber really comes from, or a potato? Easy and fun, small or large it pays for itself in no time.

The last thing I’m seeing a lot of first hand is recycling of goods. I run a group locally called Freecycle, a world wide organization based on the principles of repurposing items and keeping them out of landfills. I won’t go into how this all works, you can do a search on Freecycle.org and find out how it works (fantastic resource for all). I have over 5500 people in my group and there is a constant need for items and there is a constant influx of people offering these items and more, all free. It’s a fantastic service. Perhaps an upcoming blog about it might offer more insight.

Anyway, my point is everything old is new again for a reason, it works, it helps us reconnect and recharge when the world out there is harsh and scary. Take a minute and see what you can find to do to pull your family even closer together.

Back to Basics-How to Start
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